``Alice from Shine yoga is brilliant both professional and sensitive to everyone's abilities and needs.``

Rachel Murray

``Alice teaches with compassion from the heart & her 'you can do it, I'll help you' approach, makes her unique. She is a beautiful woman, who has found her life's role. Yoga should be compulsory for everyone, it keeps illness away!``

Terri Measures

``I look forward to my classes with Alice and have been lucky enough to have some private sessions, which were wonderful. When I win the lottery I will have a private lesson every day. Alice manages to make yoga challenging and gentle at the same time. Whoever thinks yoga is easy really needs to go to one of her classes. I am a very unfit, stiff and not bendy 50+ year old and she seems to get me doing things I wouldn’t be able to dream about doing on my own. Her classes are the best I have been to and I really enjoy them”.

Caroline Brooks

``I am new to yoga so was a little nervous about finding a suitable class. Alice is very welcoming and patient. I did not feel I was making a fool of myself. I am looking forward to continuing and improving my flexibility. It is lovely to have a local class.``

Sarah Heilbron

``To me, Alice's classes embody what yoga should be about, it's not just stretching your body but your mind too. Following every class I have always felt relaxed, rejuvenated and elated. I cannot recommend them highly enough....``

Kayleigh King

``The classes are really relaxed, no pressure in competing with one another. The calm atmosphere is a lovely way in which to end your evening even after a hard day at work. ``

Tony Kelly

``What can I say - It is actually tricky to put into words how much I enjoy Alice and the two classes I attend every week. I'm new to yoga - in so far as I have only encountered 3 other yoga teachers in my life but I will say this - Alice is by far my favourite teacher. This is due to her kindness, her knowledge and her way of making every class different - the fact that she's not stressed about stopping bang on time but instead makes sure that we have a wonderful time to stop and meditate before leaving the class ... I have gone to her morning classes and I have gone to her evening classes - and she always brings her energy, her smile and her outstanding consideration for each and everyone of us. I have noticed how we all seem to have ``quirks`` ... a sore back, a silly arm, cancer survivors, chronic fatigue or other illnesses - and Alice is always there, making sure that you don't overdo it and she will show you a different pose for you to follow to protect yourself from harm ... I cannot say enough wonderful things about her - I love doing yoga and I am so grateful that Shine Yoga was the one that popped into my life just when I needed it most!``

Birgitte Agger Mote

``A fab class that gives some 'me' time and a good dose of exercise. The instructor Alice is lovely!``

Noemie Richardson

From the moment I stepped into Alice’s class I knew I found the right yoga studio. I absolutely love the way Alice is teaching us Iyengar yoga. She is an amazing teacher and her style of teaching is very encouraging. Yoga can be quite challenging but working with Alice makes the effort entirely worthwhile. Alice always encourages and advices us to use props (blocks, blankets, pillows, belt, bolster) to get into the correct and most comfortable pose. Also, Alice always makes sure we are in the right position to benefit from the poses. It is a great way to regain flexibility, energise the body and mind, relieve tension and find peace within oneself. I highly recommend her class so please come and try and you will be amazed. It is a great way to unwind.

Michelle Jaimeson

``Fantastic classes and an excellent way to get a bit of 'me' time.``

Julie Lewis

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